Your financial plan for retirement should be as unique as you are

We help our clients pursue a retirement that reflects their goals and dreams.

The JEHM Confident Retirement Life Process

At JEHM, we deliver sophisticated portfolio management, insurance services, holistic financial planning and personal relationships to help make sure you are ready to get where you want to go.

Through our Confident Retirement Life Process, we help people answer numerous questions such as:

When can I retire?

What should I do with my 401(k), IRA, 457(b) or 403(b) account?

When and how should I file for Social Security?

How do I generate income and manage taxes in retirement?

"The best way to measure your investing success is not by whether you're beating the market, but by whether you've put in place a financial plan and a behavioral discipline that are likely to get you where you want to go."

-Benjamin Graham

Enjoy a

Confident Retirement Life

Clarity. Confidence. Comfort. That’s what you desire in retirement. It’s also what you deserve, which is why we developed our unique JEHM Confident Retirement Life process.

Our five-step system addresses key planning areas that we believe tilt the odds of retirement success in your favor: income, tax strategies, investments, health care and estate planning. Once your strategy is complete, we monitor and adjust accordingly, annually reviewing your tax return to help leverage tax efficiencies and other opportunities, including health care and Medicare.

This visit is exactly what its name suggests — a chance for us to discover a little bit about you and for you to do the same with us. It’s an opportunity to share your goals, priorities and challenges, and it’s a chance for us to share our philosophy for building a Fiscal House and to explain the value we can add to your retirement lifestyle. What this isn’t: a sales pitch, slam session against another advisor or some one-size-fits-all strategy discussion.

During this visit, we will clarify your financial picture (your current Fiscal House) and present concepts designed to provide you with more confidence as you pursue your retirement goals and dreams. By the end of our time together, we will determine if we are the right fit to engage in a relationship to finalize, implement and manage your customized retirement plan.

In this step, we share specific details for the investments and strategies selected to construct your customized Fiscal House. At the conclusion of this discussion, we will collect the necessary information to prepare for implementing your Fiscal House.

At this point, we review and implement all components of your financial strategy so you can start enjoying your Confident Retirement Life or rest easy knowing that confidence is waiting for you at the end of your working career.

In our final step, we review and deliver your customized Fiscal House, answer any remaining questions you may have to help ensure your Confident Retirement Life, and provide information on how to access your accounts.

Discover Your Road to

Financial Confidence

Find the Path That’s Right for You

Using our proprietary process, we start by analyzing your current financial situation during our initial, no-obligation Discovery Visit. After a JEHM professional listens to your goals, dreams and priorities in retirement, they will be able to determine if there is value they can add to your unique situation.

Services We Offer

Retirement Income Strategies

Are you ready to tap into your savings in a strategic way so that you continue to create an income stream you won’t outlive? We can help.


Wealth Management

We’ll help you with comprehensive guidance to help reach the goals and dreams you’ve been envisioning.



There are many ways to tailor annuities to fit your needs. We’ll help you compare your options.



We can help you design an investment strategy that matches your risk tolerance and goals. 


IRA/401(k) Rollovers

We can help you evaluate your current IRAs and 401(k)s to determine if a rollover is appropriate for your situation.


Medical Insurance

Health care often represents a steep retirement expense. We can help protect you through Medicare Supplement and Medicare Advantage plans, short-term health insurance, dental, and vision plans.

Life Insurance

Life insurance can play an important role in an overall financial strategy — both to protect yourself and your loved ones should the unthinkable happen.


Tax-Efficient Strategies

We can help you develop tax-efficient strategies that fit your overall financial plan, so more of your hard-earned dollars go to you and your loved ones.


IRA Legacy Planning

We can help you understand and employ strategies to help ensure your assets are passed to those people or causes you love.


Notary Services

We can provide a notary public whenever you need a state-commissioned, impartial witness for the signing of important documents.


Our financial advisors are all Series 65 (or equivalent) licensed fiduciaries. Additionally, they each have their own additional designations, making them experts in helping guide their clients to financial success. You can find individual biographies for each advisor on our team page.

Take the First Step Today

Are you aged 50 or older and retired or soon to be retired? We have experience working with clients just like you who’ve worked a lifetime to accumulate a nest egg of $250K or more and now are looking to enjoy retirement on their terms. Take control of your financial future today by scheduling a Discovery Visit or registering for an upcoming event.

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