Events that empower

At JEHM, we believe knowledge is power. We host events that are designed to help you understand and overcome common financial issues that individuals and families often face during retirement.

We offer two types of events for those looking to learn more:

Dinner and Financial Education

Do you have a plan to keep your retirement on track? Join us for a gourmet dinner and get professional insight on how to help gain financial clarity and added confidence in retirement.

Retirement Readiness Workshop

This personal financial course, designed for those in the early stages of retirement or soon to retire, addresses common concerns such as income planning, Social Security maximization, inflation and tax-efficient strategies.

Attend one of our events to feel more confident and better prepared for the days ahead.

Dinner and Financial Education

Educational Event
Five Forks Library
Educational Event
Five Forks Library

Client Events

Pairs Well With A Confident Retirement Life
Cook’s Station

Community Events

Events coming soon!

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