When You’re
With JEHM,
You’re With Family

We treat our clients like our own family, creating custom
retirement plans to help them pursue their dreams —
now and for generations to come.


Few things are more precious in life than our loved ones. We understand how important your family is to you because we know how important our family is to us.

You see, JEHM (pronounced "gem," like a precious stone) isn’t some random acronym. It stands for our family: Jennifer, Eric, Haley and Mallory.


How Prepared Are You for Retirement?

When it comes to your retirement, you don’t want to leave anything to chance. We don’t want you to, either.

Fill out this 34-point Checklist Challenge, which will measure your retirement readiness and help us understand how we can best serve your needs as you prepare to live the future you always envisioned.

How Confident Are You In Your Retirement Plan?
Stella’s Southern Brasserie

Attend a Live Event

At JEHM, we believe knowledge is power. We host events that are designed to help you understand and overcome common financial issues that individuals and families often face during retirement.

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One of the Big Risks of Aging? Not Planning for Long-Term Care

By Eric Lahaie

3 Essentials for a Successful Retirement

By Jennifer Lahaie

Take the First Step Today

Are you aged 50 or older and retired or soon to be retired? We have experience working with clients just like you who’ve worked a lifetime to accumulate a nest egg of $250K or more and now are looking to enjoy retirement on their terms. Take control of your financial future today by scheduling a Discovery Visit or registering for an upcoming event.

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